No Days Off Orlando

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Livestream, EVERYWHERE!


We don’t do well with breaks.

The Covid-19 virus has hit hard worldwide. Countless lives have been affected directly and indirectly by the threat of serious illness. This has meant something different to every community around the globe - medically, socially and economically. Here in Orlando, for many working performers, the unthinkable has happened: all major theme parks have suspended operations for at least two weeks, most using the dreaded term “indefinitely.” Events and gatherings nationwide have been postponed or outright cancelled. Even though the parks have offered work and pay to those in contracted positions, many artists and performers who rely on part-time and freelance work are left high and dry, frozen by the necessary decisions of many who don’t fully comprehend the lifestyle we lead, or the value we provide. No Days Off Orlando is striving to keep the entertainment alive during this time period.

We’re not the type to take a day off.

From a monetary standpoint, we can’t afford to but, even more so, we absolutely LOVE the work we do and the thought of two weeks downtime isn’t the same as your average 9-to-5-er. This work is therapeutic to us; a vital part of our DNA. While the outside world may think it's all fun and games, we on the inside know better. Countless hours and expenses go into honing our craft, and in the end, if we’ve done our job right, it looks as though we are having the time of our lives. In fact, it can appear to the uninitiated as though we will sacrifice almost anything to continue doing what we do - even a living wage. Quite to the contrary, the very life-blood of our state's economy, tourism could not survive without us. This is our chance to show the world the kind of blistering work ethic most of us maintain and just how much we mean to this community.

The Telethon itself will be hosted by Andy Matchett, a local singer, songwriter, playwright, director and actor best known for his work with indie rock party band Andy Matchett and the Minks, award-winning Fringe favorites Key Of E and Janis Joplin: LIttle Girl Blue, and his most recent project, vintage-inspired theatrical tribute band, Johnny Wild and the Delights. We will be shooting at Blackburst Entertainment studios, a block away from the intersection of MIlls and 50, right in the creative heart of the city. Our goal is to have at least two separate filming spaces in the studio, one for live bands and the other for solo performers. We will have notable guest hosts, speakers, comedians and more. We will be updating multiple times per day between now and then, so stay glued to this website for the next few days to stay informed.